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Voter Information

The General Election is Tuesday, November 5th.

Early voting:

For the first time ever this fall, New York voters will have the opportunity to vote early in New York’s General Election.  Starting on Saturday October 26th and continuing through Sunday November 3rd, Brookhaven Town residents can go to Town Hall (1 Independence Hill, Farmingville, NY 11738) to vote prior to Election Day.  The specific times for voting vary by day and all this information is subject to change, so we recommend checking the Suffolk County Board of Elections website for early voting.

The last day to register to vote in this election is:

October 11th -- Mail Registration for General: Last day to postmark application for general election; last day it must be received by board of elections by Oct. 16. §5-210(3)

October 11th -- In person registration for General: Last day application must be received by board of elections to be eligible to vote in general election. If honorably discharged from the military or have become a naturalized citizen since October 12th, you may register in person at the board of elections up until October 26th. §§5-210, 5-211, 5-212 

Absentee ballot deadlines:

October 29th -- Last day to postmark application or letter of application for general election ballot. §8-400(2)(c)

November 4th -- Last day to apply in person for general election ballot. §8-400(2)(c).  Also, last day to postmark general election ballot. Must be received by the county board no later than Nov. 12th. §8-412(1).

November 5th -- Last day to deliver general election ballot in person to county board, by close of polls on election day. §8-412(1)

Military voting:

September 20th -- Last date to mail ballot to Military voter. §10-108(1)

October 26th -- Last day for a board of elections to receive application for a Military absentee ballot if not previously registered. §10-106(5)

October 29th -- Last day for a board of elections to receive Military absentee application, if by mail and previously registered. §10-106(5)

November 4th -- Last day to apply personally for a Military General Election ballot if previously registered. §10-106(5).  Also, the last day  to postmark Military ballot and date it must be received by the board of elections is Nov. 18th. §10-114(1) §11-212


More information on voting in New York can be found at:


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