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Cost of Living and Quality of Life

If elected, I will move to have the Town conduct a study on the carrying capacity of Brookhaven to determine if we are at full build-out and what impact the immense population has on the quality of life for residents.  Incentives for companies to allow more telecommuting can help keep people off the roads, making travel times easier and the roads safer.  Instead of putting in more retail spaces, the Town has to help the retail stores that are already there.  There are many strip malls and shopping centers with vacant buildings.  Policy changes could help re-invigorate these areas and stimulate the local economy.

There are many derelict houses in the town, including my own neighborhood.  Incentives in the form of additions to the “Star” program for contractors willing to renovate and flip these houses could address some of these. 

The cost of living on Long Island is astronomical; meanwhile, a lot of people cannot meet this financial demand.  If elected, I will form a Task Force to really look at the details of “affordable” housing (i.e., what is considered an affordable amount, what amenities are people in this range looking for and what can they afford). 

Additionally, as a national issue, the cost of living is going up everywhere faster than salaries and some people are on fixed incomes.  While it is not always specifically the Town’s problem, the Town’s responsibility is to the people.  The Town needs to make sure everyone is taken care of by responding quickly to phone calls and making sure that government assistance is making it to people in need. 

Sarah Deonarine for Council
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