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Gerrymandering, or the act of manipulating political boundaries so as to favor one party over another (hence our Town’s single-party rule), is unfortunately alive and well in Brookhaven Town and has targeted Coram.  Coram is split into three different council districts such that the Hamlet does not to have a unified voice on the Town Board.  I stepped up to run, because I, as a resident of Coram, did not feel our needs were being met or even listened to.  And the campaign trail has not changed my mind on this, but has just more clearly pointed to just how bad it is.

This is where I need you to get out and do something for me:  VOTE.

2020 is a census year and after a census year, boundaries are redistricted.  These boundaries are voted on by the Town Board.  During the previous redistricting, an Independent Redistricting Board was formed to draw district lines without partisan influence.  This was then overwhelmingly voted down by the Town Board and Coram is split into three. 

To add to this, the Town Board was able to extend their terms from 2 to 4 years, just furthering the power they hold.  If elected, I will work for the people and only stand for fair districting.  We cannot have our hamlets broken up.  See our Safety section for more details.

Sarah Deonarine for Council
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